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Importing Resources:
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Resources to Help You Import

This page contains detailed resources appropriate to importing. Explore the resources on this page to start learning more. Links on this page are constantly updated.

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Detailed, accurate and comprehensive importing guidance and resources are available through government agencies around the world. The links provided here will provide essential web points of contact.

Many books have been written about importing and international trade topics that can help tremendously. Browse through the links below to learn more, and access potentially meaningful resources.

Compliance must be considered and examined carefully throughout an import transaction, and it must begin well before the goods are imported. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in the age of informed compliance. These links will help get you started.

The importing function has many processes and procedures that must be followed correctly. These links will provide exporting guides and information to help you.

The web has many sources, particular to importing, that have prepared document and PDF files that can be downloaded. There are many resources available, and these links will help get you started.

Risk takes many forms when conducting international business, such as country risk, regulatory risk, political risk, currency risk and credit risk. Browse through the links below to identify risks and begin to mitigate them.

It is vital that a business conduct due dilligence when evaluating a potential overseas supplier. Many factors must be considered. Use these links to learn more.

Importing allows for various shipping options. There are many considerations, such as cost, risk, time-to-market and compliance that must be considered. There is much to learn by exploring these resource links.

Much can be learned by reviewing current presentations about various aspects of importing. It can provide essential information regarding importing operations.

Detailed knowledge about the industry, competitors, countries and processes are required for effective negotiation. Browse through the links below to learn more so you can structure business relationships and transactions more effectively.

Importing requires attention to detail. Import documentation must be completed correctly to ensure that shipments are expedited correctly and to ensure successful Customs clearance. Browse through the links below to start learning the details.

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