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This interactive tool will help you to identify product and service innovations, designed to incrementally adjust and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Step 1) Key Customer Segments
The tool starts with the identificaton of KEY customer segments. Which customers are the focus of your CRM efforts?

Step 2) Segment Considerations
You are guided through a process to consider what to retain and what to change, based on key segment considerations.

Step 3) Products and Services
Design new products or services (or enhance existing ones) based on considerations made. Incremental improvements as well as new offerings should all be considered.

Step 4) Implementation
Develop details for implementation including bundling, branding, measurement systems, employee training, and incentives to ensure consistent institutionalization.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage - Interactive Web Tool

Identify Key Customer Segments (Identify a minimum of 3, up to a maximum of 9)

Please identify KEY customer segments on which you choose to focus CRM efforts. These customer segments should be selected based on their contribution to your overall company profitability and sales revenue.


Developed by: Ralph Jagodka ©2016-2024 

Please complete Step 1

Developed by: Ralph Jagodka © 2016-2024

Please complete Steps 1 and 2

Developed by: Ralph Jagodka © 2016-2024

Please complete Steps 1, 2, and 3

Developed by: Ralph Jagodka © 2016-2024