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This interactive tool will help you to identify types of web site interactions and marketing campaigns. Details will be provided to support a customer-centric web site and social media presence.
There is much value in developing a web presence that maintains a consistent overall design, yet offers customer segment-specific appeals (through self-selection). This page will take you through a three-step process to develop this flexibility.

Step 1) Key Customer Segments
This tool starts with the identification of KEY customer segments. Identify a minimum of 3 (to a maximum of 9) customer segments. These should represent the types of customers to which you wish to make specific appeals. Which customers are the focus of your eCRM efforts?

Step 2) Web Site Functions
Checkboxes are provided appropriate to the various types of web functions your web site may like to provide. Please select all that are appropriate.

Step 3: Complete Web Segmentation Matrix
Complete this matrix going across rows. Each function should be planned according to what it will "look like" for each of the customer segments. For example, "User Forums" will most likely be constructed differently across various customer segments. On the other hand, there may be some functions (such as Maps/Directions) that may be generic across multiple customer segments.

Export Results
After you have input your information into the matrix cells, click on the "Complete/Update Matrix" button. You will then be given the option to export the results to a RTF (word processing) file, or a table for easy copying.

How To Use
To utilize customer-specific functions on your web page, create links allowing customer self-selection, to direct them toward specialized content. This should be designed to appeal to their specific needs, and allow for a more personalized experience, while at the same time, providing common web elements through planned redundancy. The results will provide storyboarding for web site design.

Web Segmentation & eCRM - Interactive Web Tool

Identify Key Customer Segments (Identify a minimum of 3, up to a maximum of 9)

Please identify KEY customer segments on which you choose to focus CRM efforts. These customer segments should be selected based on their contribution to your overall company profitability and sales revenue.


Developed by: Ralph Jagodka ©2016-2024 

Please complete Step 1

Developed by: Ralph Jagodka © 2016-2024

Please complete Steps 1 and 2

Developed by: Ralph Jagodka © 2016-2024

Please complete Steps 1, 2 and 3

Developed by: Ralph Jagodka © 2016-2024